Three Ways For A Hotel Manager To Attract More Guests

If you're a hotel manager, one of your top priorities is to get more overnight guests to stay at your establishment. There are plenty of ways that you can achieve this goal, including making renovations to your hotel to encourage better online reviews, offering competitive pricing, and more. Depending on how much autonomy you have — often, hotel chains are independently owned but must meet certain criteria from their parent company — you may wish to explore a handful of different ways to make your property more appealing to guests. This can keep you busier, even in a competitive market. Here are some methods that you can employ.

Give Free Parking And Wi-Fi

While lots of hotels offer free parking and Wi-Fi for their guests, many others charge for both services. If your hotel is similar to another one, but you charge for these two things and the other doesn't, there will be lots of travelers who choose to visit your competitor. Paying for parking and Wi-Fi, especially over the course of a multiday stay, can add up. For example, $10 a day for parking and $8 a day for Wi-Fi will cost a guest more than $50 for a three-day stay. Choosing to offer these two essentials for free can immediately attract more guests.

Offer A Discounted Third Night

It's nice to reward loyal guests, and one way that you can do so is to give guests a significantly reduced rate on the third night of their stay. For example, if you charge $180 a night, a guest who stays for three nights will pay this rate for the first and second night. However, if you offer a 25 percent discount for the third night, the guest will only have to pay $135 for the same room. This idea is useful because you'll encounter guests who are thinking about staying for two nights, but opt for a third night because of the favorable deal you're offering.

Get An Airport Shuttle

If your hotel is relatively close to an airport and you've noticed that lots of your guests are from out of town, investing in a shuttle can be a useful way to attract more guests. Air travelers who are searching for a hotel will often look for one that has a complimentary shuttle, as this is better than renting a car or taking a taxi. Although you won't be making money on the shuttle per se because you're not charging to take it, its presence can help you get significantly more overnight guests.

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