Have You Ever Been To San Antonio, Texas?

If you've been to San Antonio, Texas before, you are probably returning to the Alamo City because you fell in love with it the first time you went there. If this is your first visit to San Antonio, prepare to be enchanted by the diversity of the area. From arranging your accommodations to knowing where to go, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable vacation in San Antonio, Texas.

Where To Stay

You have so many choices on accommodations in the San Antonio area that you might have trouble deciding on just one place. It might help if you think about what your focus will be first. For example, if you are wanting to visit historic sites like The Alamo, it might be a very good idea to stay in the downtown area of San Antonio. You might even select a historic hotel that has ghosts as some of its guests. If you are planning to visit places in the hill country area of San Antonio, consider a vacation rental that has everything from a swimming pool to a golf course.

A vacation rental is also a great idea if you are traveling with friends or extended family, like for a family reunion. Consider finding a vacation rental home that has a swimming pool, especially if you'll be visiting San Antonio in the summer months. Another fun idea is to rent a vacation home that has an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace as part of the design. Whether you're there during the cooler winter months or during the summer months, having some of your meals outdoors will just add to the fun.

Where To Go

Of course there's the famous places like The Alamo and the other missions which are easy to access. In the downtown area you'll probably also want to visit the beautiful riverwalk and the Mexican Market. However, don't limit yourself to places that are familiar to you. Think about going into the hill country to visit little towns like Wimberley and Gruene which have wonderful little shops and great little restaurants. Visit the suburbs, too. You'll find gorgeous architecture, both in the older neighborhoods and in the newer suburbs.

Don't forget to take comfortable walking shoes on your trip. And, even if you are in San Antonio during the spring and summer months, you'll want a light jacket or a sweater. Everything is air conditioned!

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