Worried About Keeping Your Dog Warm This Winter? 3 Tips For Grooming

Keeping your dog groomed often sounds like a task reserved for the warmer months of the year due to your dog getting hot quicker when they have longer fur. While this is true, it's so important that you schedule visits to the dog groomer during the winter as well. If you're unsure of what to look for when choosing a pet groomer during the winter or the services that they should get, consider the following tips that can help keep your dog feel comfortable during the colder months of the year.

Remove Loose Fur

While you want your dog to have plenty of fur to stay warm during the winter, loose hair isn't doing them any favors for being comfortable or for keeping allergens out of your home. Getting loose fur removed can be as simple as running a thick brush through their fur so that any loose hair is removed without a problem. This will leave them with a smooth coat that won't lead to hair being left in your home.

Visiting the groomer to get rid of loose fur can save you a lot of time on grooming and ensure that your dog has smooth fur that's not problematic.

Avoid Any Significant Trimming

The summer can be a great time for trying out different haircuts for your dog, but you should avoid getting any significant trimming done during the winter. Having skin exposed can make your dog very cold, along with it being uncomfortable simply from keeping it too short. Visiting a dog groomer that's experienced with haircuts for colder weather can ensure that your dog's fur is kept neat, but won't lead to them being too cold during winter.

Get Help With Dry Skin Care

One of the side effects of colder weather is that your dog could experience dry skin. Dry skin can lead to irritation and often result in your dog itching themselves more often. Luckily, you can often take care of treating their dry skin through visiting a groomer that can provide them with shampoo and other treatments that will help keep their fur which healthier. You may even get tips for food or supplements that can aid in healthy skin care.

Visiting a groomer at facilities like All Creatures Inn during the winter can make a positive difference in how healthy your dog's fur is and how easy it is for you to manage. With the above tips, you'll know what to look for when visiting a dog groomer and what kinds of services to get.