3 Things To Know Before Your First Bed & Breakfast Experience

Staying at a bed and breakfast is a more personal experience than staying at a chain hotel. Bed and breakfast locations are usually managed and run by individuals, and each room is custom decorated and designed to reflect the overall theme of the bed and breakfast. One of the hallmarks of a bed and breakfast is, of course, the breakfast

Communicate Arrival Time

Most bed and breakfasts do not have a large number of staff. They may not have someone who is at the front desk at all times, which is why communication is especially important. Be sure to let the staff at the bed and breakfast know when you will be arriving so that they have someone there to great you and show you to your room.

Delays to happen, so write down the phone number and contact information of the bed and breakfast so you can notify them if your travels are delayed. This will allow the staff to make accommodations so they can great you when you arrive.

Communicate Dietary Restrictions

Food is a big part of the overall experience of staying at a bed and breakfast. If you have special dietary restrictions, those should be communicated in advance instead of upon arrival. Communicating those dietary restrictions in advance will allow the innkeepers time to adjust their menu and purchase any special menu items that are necessary to prepare a breakfast for you that meets your dietary needs.

Most innkeepers are more than happy to work around your dietary restrictions provide that you give them enough notice and information for them to do so. Most inns nowadays know how to work around nut allergies, dairy allergies, gluten allergies and meet the needs of vegans or vegetarians. If you have more unique dietary restrictions, providing some guidance on what you can eat may be helpful.

Tour of The Home

When you check in, expect your hosts to provide you with a tour of the home. Most bed and breakfasts have, of course, a breakfast area. Many also have a shared common area or sitting room for you to use as well.

Depending on the set-up and location, there may be outdoor space where you can relax as well. It is not uncommon for bed and breakfasts to offer extra amenities such as a bar-be-que outside or bicycle rentals or supplies for a trip to the beach.  

It is common to get a tour of the home when you arrive. You may notice that certain areas are marked with 'private' signs – it is not uncommon for the owners of the bed and breakfast to live on the premise, especially if it is a small, family run business.

It is important to communicate your arrival time, let the inn know about any dietary restrictions you have, and budget some time for a tour during your check-in. For more information, contact companies like Christophers by the Bay.