Checking Out Older Apartments For Rent? 3 Warning Signs To Look For

Renting an older apartment can be great since it can offer a lot of unique features that newer construction simply doesn't have. But you need to be aware that there are some unique drawbacks to living in an older apartment rental. Before beginning your hunt for an apartment, consider which features can make an apartment a poor choice for your lifestyle and how much you're willing to put up with when living in a rental.

Any Sign of Mildew

One fairly common issue with older apartments is that the ventilation may not be as good as in newer buildings. Two places that this can be especially apparent is in the kitchen and bathroom where mildew can become an issue. Taking a good look at the walls and other features in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room if there is one in the apartment, can help clear up any concerns you may have about mildew being a problem.

Since mildew can lead to breathing issues and make the apartment unlivable for those with asthma, it's vital that you check that the apartment doesn't have any issues with mildew. You should also look out for signs of proper ventilation in the apartment, such as fans in the bathroom.

Poor Heating or Cooling

Older apartment buildings often don't have updated central heating or cooling systems, making it important that you're aware of some of the drawbacks that can come with this. If you're moving somewhere that gets especially hot or cold during the year, outdated heating or cooling systems can become very frustrating for you. With this in mind, you can check in to how the heating and cooling will be taken care of by the apartment rental company after moving in.

Outdated Appliances or Fixtures

With an older apartment, it's likely that some of the fixtures and appliances inside are outdated as well. While this may be suitable if you're trying to save money by living in a cheaper apartment, this can be problematic when you want the latest features in your apartment. Asking about the date that these appliances and fixtures have been put in can give you a better understanding of the condition they are in and whether the landlord would be interested in replacing them.

Renting an older apartment can come with a lot of charms, but you need to be prepared for some of the drawbacks that can come with living in an older place. While you may be comfortable with some of the quirks of older apartments, you need to be sure that renting an older apartment won't have too many drawbacks for you.