Are You Headed To The Southern Oregon Coast?

Maybe you took a family vacation during the summer. Do you always save the autumn months to travel without your children? That's a nice plan, isn't it? One trip with kids and one to rekindle the romance in your marriage. Have you decided that this autumn's trip will be spent on the southern Oregon Coast? Maybe you've been there before and you loved it so much that you knew you'd return someday. Alternatively, it could be that this is your first time to travel to the southern Oregon coast. If so, prepare to be totally enchanted by this beautiful part of the United States.

Do you have your travel plans already? If not, from finding the best places to stay on the southern Oregon coast to planning your activities, here are some ideas that might help you.

Find The Best Places To Stay - First you have to decide whether you want something quaint and intimate or whether you want something modern and exciting. You'll find plenty of both. 

If you want to stay in a quaint and intimate setting, think of staying at a bed and breakfast facility. You might be lucky enough to find an old farmhouse that has been turned into a place where guests can stay overnight and then be served a delicious breakfast. Or, maybe you will end up staying in a beautiful home that has been turned into a guest house. Either way, you will be treated like family by the innkeeper.

Perhaps you would be more comfortable staying in a modern and exciting place. In that case, you'll find hotels that will provide all of the modern amenities. Do you want to stay in a hotel that offers breakfast as part of the price? You'll find that type of hotel, too. Maybe you are avid golfers. In that case, consider staying at a golf resort. 

No matter where you decide to stay, go ahead and make your reservations. The southern Oregon coast draws many tourists, and you don't want to be disappointed by not getting the accommodations you want.

Things To Do - Of course, where you stay while you're visiting the southern Oregon coast will be part of the enjoyment of your trip. However, there are many fun things to do while you're there. 

It will be too cold to swim, but you can certainly walk along the gorgeous coast. Visit lighthouses, too. For example, the Coquille River Lighthouse is a great place to visit. The Craterean Theater and the Kerbyville Museum are also musts. Talk to the innkeeper or to the clerk at your hotel. He or she will be happy to direct you to local attractions, good restaurants, and great shopping places.

For more information on the best places to stay on the southern Oregon coast, contact a travel agent.