Tips For Getting The Best Rates On Group Rooms For A Hotel Stay

You may need to book group rooms for your wedding, or perhaps you need those rooms for a work conference or event. Booking group rooms at a hotel might seem costly and difficult to arrange. That isn't always the case, and in fact, it's possible to get great deals on group rooms at the hotel of your choice if you follow a few tips.

Here are a few tips for getting the best rates on group rooms for a hotel stay.

Speak With The Hotel Staff Directly And Don't Just Go By The Listed Price

You might think that the listed price on the hotel's website or other booking sites is a firm price for their rooms. In fact, that isn't always the case even when you are booking single rooms.

This is where a little negotiation comes in handy. If you have an intriguing and beneficial offer for the hotel that benefits both of you, it's possible the hotel will offer group rooms at a lower price.

For example, if you are having your wedding nearby, you could instead use the hotel's own facilities for your wedding, including using their catering, venue, and more, plus booking group rooms for your out-of-town guests.

Since you will be having your wedding here and using their amenities and other services, a hotel is usually willing to give you better rates on group rooms.

The same is true if you are having a work conference or meetings at a certain hotel. If you plan on using the hotel's amenities like its conference room, and business center, they are more likely to give you a discount on their group room rates.

Book Smaller Rooms To Get Better Rates

You can book smaller rooms to get better rates on group rooms. This means you don't book the large suites with a sitting area and partial kitchen, but instead opt for rooms with a single King-sized bed, a bed with a pull-out couch, or opt for cots to be placed in the rooms if need be.

This works best with families traveling together where children can share a pull-out bed or cot, or with friends who don't mind sharing a bed.

Let the hotel know that you will be taking advantage of any amenities the hotel has to offer that might need to be paid for as well. This can include amenities such as a personal trainer in the fitness center, or perhaps you will spend the day getting pampered with a massage and facial at the spa.

The hotel could give you lower rates on your room booking because it encourages guests to use the hotel's amenities instead of going elsewhere. For more information on hotels for groups, contact a professional near you.